Identify and Manage Your Brand Ambassadors

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Create Audience is an app that lets you easily create and manage referral marketing campaigns for your online store.

Gain insight into your customers

We turn email addresses into full ambassador profiles. And yeah, we're talking demographic/geographic reports, social profiles, and all the odds and ends to identify your most valuale ambassadors and invite them to your referral campaigns.

Gain insight

Set the tour and the incentives

Once you've identified your most valuable ambassadors you're all set to define campaigns and create rewards. Ambassadors will promote your campaigns and earn rewards for each successful conversion.

Create rewards

Pay out royalties and watch your revenue grow

Ambassadors have been hard at work promoting your campaigns. Now it's time to pay them royalties on the conversions they generated. Paying ambassadors is fully automated and a breeze to setup with PayPal.


All plans include a 14-day risk-free trial!

We don't take commission and offer simple flat rate monthly pricing.

$ 149 /month
25 ambassadors
1 user account
0% Commission
No support
$ 495 /month
1000 ambassadors
3 user accounts
0% Commission
Email support

The single platform to manage all your referral marketing needs